Grain Sack Flower Holder DIY Tutorial

French Grain Sack Hanger Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
1/4 Yard Painter's Canvas
Painters Tape
Natural Thread
Blue Craft Paint
Stiff Bristle Craft Brush

Machine wash your painter's canvas on the gentle cycle and tumble dry.

Cut a piece 11" x 11".
Fold in half so it is 5 1/2" x 11".

You will only sew two sides.  Machine stitch along the long side that is opened, and (1) short side, leaving the other short side unsewn.  This will be the top of the grain sack holder for filling with flowers.

Flip right side out and press with steam iron.

Hanger:  Cut a piece of your Painter's Canvas 3" x 11".

Fold lengthwise, 1/3 over and press with steam iron as shown above.

Fold over the other edge 1/3 slightly covering the edge you just pressed, and press with steam iron.

To keep it together and from unraveling, machine stitch length wise down the middle of the 11" piece of fabric.

Form a "U" hook with the hanger piece and tuck inside the sewn side seam about 1 1/2" down and pin to keep in place.
Either machine stitch at the top of the hanger piece to connect the hanger to the bottom sack, or hand stitch.
I chose to machine stitch.  

Take your painter's tape and mark off two edges forming (1) 1/8" wide line to paint and dry brush with paint color of choice.

I chose mixing FolkArt Sterling Blue & FolkArt Thunder Blue.

Allow To Dry.

You can stitch a 1/2 Pint Jar in the bottom with a bit of water to hold fresh flowers, or just fill with dry flowers of your choosing.


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