Thursday, May 8, 2014

Buffet Rehab

Happy Thursday!

Today I am going to share a few helpful tips for selling & "Rehabbing Furniture".

Each week, I'm constantly looking through Craigslist ads, antique stores, thrift stores and yard sales to find that perfect piece of furniture to "Rehab".

My client list is mounding up and I have become addicted to Furniture Rehabbing!

Here's some steps to start "Rehabbing" and selling furniture.  I use only Annie Sloan chalkpaint, but there are other paints available.  

1) Find your Piece!

Look through Craigslist ads, Ebay, Yardsales and Thrift Shops.

Once you find your piece, make sure the piece is structurally sound and all drawers working properly.  Selling a piece of furniture that is falling apart is not good business and will not help your business expand.  

2) Fix anything that is possible wrong with the piece.  Veneer chipping?  Fill it in with wood putty and sand!  Missing or loose screws on door hinges?  Fix them!  

3) Wipe down the inside and outside of your piece with a damp cloth to remove dust prior to painting.

4) Choose Your Color Palette!    
Make sure it is something that would appeal to a large number of clients. 

5) To paint the top or not to paint? 

If it is real wood, I prefer not to paint.  If the top is veneer and cracking or chipped, than painting may be better for you.

The original buffet was stained a very outdated orange.  I stripped the top of the buffet completely down to the bare wood and stained the top a dark "Kona" color.  I choose this color often when refinishing furniture.  Then sealed with coat of Poly.

6) To Paint or Not To Paint The Hardware?

 I NEVER paint over the hardware.  I feel in most cases it cheapens the look of the piece of furniture.  Once removed, the hardware was cleaned, then repainted a Chestnut color by Rust-oleum.

Most of my pieces are a 4-5 step color process.  Yes, most of the time I use 3 colors, then dry brush with a color and seal.  It takes more time but in the end it is so worth it.  The multiple layers of colors truly reveal the beauty of the Annie Sloan paint.  

7) To paint, or not to paint the inside of the the drawers....hmmmmmm that seems to be the question!  I do both!

If the inside of the drawer is scratched up and you are wanting to resell your piece, I would suggest taking the time to paint the inside of the drawer.  If the wood is nice inside, then use your own judgement.  On this piece I did not paint the inside of the drawers, however I did paint the base of the cabinet only.  I wanted the true charm of the French Buffet to show through with the knotty wood that's why I chose not to on this piece:)

8) Staging your piece to sell!

Pictures say a thousand words!  Take the time to stage your piece!  No matter how nice the piece is, a bad picture won't help sell that piece!  An simple ironstone pitcher with flowers is all you really need on top.  Try not to over clutter your piece when taking pictures.

9) Pricing The Piece!

For many of us Furniture Rehabbers, we need to put into account several factors!

The cost of the piece of furniture.

The time it takes to go get the piece of furniture and the gas we spend getting there!

The cost of our products needed to refinish each piece:

Stripping Materials
Sanding Blocks

And our course, our time!

You should factor all of this when pricing your piece.

In the end, when the piece is done, I am always satisfied and excited to get my next piece started!

This is how I have been rolling lately....and I'm having so much fun doing it!

Any questions?  Contact me!!!

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