Tea Cup Bird Feeder Tutorial

Vintage Tea Cup Bird Feeder Tutorial

Tea Cup Bird Feeder Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Vintage Tea Cup & Saucer
E6000  Industrial Strength Adhesive
1/2" Copper Coupling With Stop
1/2" Copper Tube 48" Long or
Copper Tube Cut To Your Desired Length

My local ACE Hardware Store was more than happy to direct me to the plumbing section and they also cut my copper tube to my desired length!

Clean your tea cup and saucer and dry.

Turn your tea cup over and lightly sand the bottom of the tea cup.  

Add a generous amount of E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive to bottom of tea cup and center cup on top of saucer.  

Place some coins in the cup to weight the cup down to the saucer and allow to dry overnight.

Once dry, turn your tea cup with saucer attached upside down and lightly sand the middle of the saucer to rough it up a bit before gluing on your Copper Coupling with stop.  

Place a generous amount of E6000 Industrial Adhesive in the center and place the Copper Coupling with Stop on top of the glue and allow to dry again over night.

Cut your 1/2" Copper Tube to length, or have your local hardware store cut to length for you like I did:)

Using a rubber mallet, tap the 48" copper tubing in to the ground being careful not to damage the tubing, then slide on the tea cup by inserting the small tubing connected to tea cup saucer on to the top of the tubing you just tapped into the ground!  

Fill will seed! 


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  1. Any trouble with the copper back coming off over time?

    By the way, I LOVE your button picture of the ladle with the little nest! You should do a tutorial on THAT! :-)