Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Banner Printable DIY

Christmas Banner Printable!

I have been promising you a Christmas Banner DIY and I finally got a moment to do it.  This is a very easy Tutorial with Printable letters.  

Supplies Needed:

6 Pieces of Linen Textured White Cardstock 
(Plain Cardstock will also work)
Instant Coffee
Jute Or Twine
Greenery Sprigs
(I purchased Mini Clothespins at Michael's Craft Store)


Make 2 very strong cups of instant coffee.

Pour coffee in a 9x12 cake pan.

Place one piece of cardstock in the pan, soaking it completely in the coffee mixture, and remove.  Place wet paper on a paper towel lined cookie sheet.  Blot the paper with another paper towel to remove excess and bake in oven on low heat about 225 degrees until dry.

Repeat this for all 6 sheets.

Papers should resemble below.

The more puddling of coffee on the paper the more aged it will look once baked.

Press each sheet of paper with your iron.  To avoid coffee from getting on your iron, simple place paper inside an old t-shirt and iron the paper through the T-shirt to remove any wrinkles through the sheet.

Place your paper in your printer and print out the Letters I am giving your blow.  

After printing your letters out, simply trim around the boxed line.

Hang on mantle with jute, clothespins and a piece of greenery.

To Download Letters Simply Click Below Each Letter.

I made a mistake and with the "T" in "Silent"...so print off an extra "T"' for NIGHT that is at the very bottom to use in the "Silent".

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