Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trash To Treasure Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I was so excited to come across this wonderful old wooden Rocking Horse at the Goodwill.  The only problem was the rocker was broken in 3 places, and the colors were not in my theme.  But, it was marked down to an amazing $12.00 and I love a good that here we are!

I took the rocker part off and removed the black tail, then the chalking began!

I used a base coat of French Linen which is a wonderful warm grey color and allowed paint to dry.

I then brushed the entire horse with a coat of Elmer's Glue and let the glue rest about 15 minutes.

I then applied a nice coat of Annie Sloan Pure White over the damp glue and allowed the paint to dry thoroughly.  

When the paint started to dry, the glue underneath started to pull and made the white "crackle".  This allowed the grey to show through once the paint was totally dry.

A little bit of sanding, some dry brushing with more French Linen and a new tail out of jute and this horse now has a totally new look.

I love it and so easy to do!

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