Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Chifferobe ~ Chalk Paint Rehab

Good Morning!

It's been a long time since I have posted and I apologize for that!

I have been so busy catching up on all of my furniture finds and here is my latest piece!

I love rehabbing chifferobes!  I think they are one of my favorite pieces of furniture to do.  A little more time consuming but there are so many things a chifferobe can be used for!

This piece was a multi tone wood color before I started.

I always look for pieces that are structurally sound because I don't have the time to repair furniture.

I used a multi-step process on this one.  I also paint the entire piece including the inside with this technique!

I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Step One & Step Two:

Base Coat & Second Coat French Linen 

I like my pieces to have a gray undertone so 2 coats are needed.

Step Three:

Paint Over French Linen With Old White

When I paint on the Old White I paint using a dryer brush, allowing the base coat of the French Linen to show thru.  I also paint randomly, crisscrossing, as I go, almost painting an 'x" formation the entire time.  This actually gives a lot of depth to the piece.

Step Four:

When the Old White has completely dry, I wet sand!  I use a wash cloth and a sponge with a rougher side instead of sand paper.  I want the grey to be my under coat that shows through, not the wood itself, and sand paper is too harsh for this technique.

Wet Sand all of the edges in places that would show wear over the years.

Step Five:

Age With Cocoa!

I Love the color Cocoa!  This is a great color I use to age the piece.  Take a small stiff bristled craft brush and dip into the Cocoa paint.  Wipe off most of the paint onto a paper towel leaving the brush more dry than wet.  Paint the Cocoa onto the edges of the of the piece, corners of the doors, around the knobs, basically any place that will show wear and tear.  Then wipe over a bit with a wet cloth.  I use a rag off technique where I just push the wet cloth onto the Cocoa paint area and lift off removing most of the paint, but allowing some old brown to be there.  Am I making sense?  If not...please email me I will walk you through it!

Step Six:

Seal With Clear Wax!

Then you are done!

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